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Netbook. A third of the screen covered in tiny vertical multi coloured lines.

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Sparklingbrook Fri 25-Jan-13 10:58:36

DS2 kicked it or something. Is there any hope? On and off again didn't work. sad

my dh did this to mine 2 weeks ago (the bugger) but he's techy and has ordered a new screen for it which he is going to change himself. im not convinced but he assures me its going to work although im hoping for a new one anyway

ill have to update you to let you know how it goes grin

Sparklingbrook Fri 25-Jan-13 11:08:42

Thanks David. I have a tech man coming to see to my other laptop today (it has died) so I may run it past him.

RustyBear Fri 25-Jan-13 11:10:13

We had a laptop at school that did this, we found that squeezing the frame of the screen together at a particular point stopped it, so that laptop wore a bulldog clip for a couple of weeks until the holidays, when the teacher couild spare it to get a new screen. Might be worth trying....

Sparklingbrook Fri 25-Jan-13 11:11:22

Ooh Rusty, I will go and have a squeeze.

Sparklingbrook Fri 25-Jan-13 11:13:38

No luck. But worth a go. Thanks. x

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