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Help - Which mobile should I choose

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Lollybrolly Sat 12-Jan-13 18:39:36

I am moving from my huge old PAYG brick and into the 21st century. I know nothing about phones but want to be able to use my new phone a fair bit as I am away from the house alot more these days. I have never used a touch screen phone before (other than trying out DDs Samsung Glalaxy Y).

I have found a deal on the iphone 4 8gb and the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini.

Both the same cost per month and pretty much the same allowance on minutes,texts and data.

Which should I choose and why?

niceguy2 Sat 12-Jan-13 19:31:18

Is it the plain iphone 4 or is it the 4S? 8GB is pretty small to be honest. And both have only 8GB. But at least you can buy a cheap microSD card for the mini.

Anyway, I would argue as your first smartphone the iPhone will be easier to use. But if it's the plain 4 versus the S3 mini then the mini will be faster. If it's the 4S then I'd be tempted to go with that.

May I ask what the cost per month is you are looking at and how many mins/text/data you get?

In short I would say it's: 4S > s3 Mini > 4

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