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I need to video some interviews - what's the easiest way to do this?

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MyNewVenture Thu 10-Jan-13 11:50:32

I need a cheap way to do this and one that suits my less than geeky nature! I was hoping that maybe there is a laptop or something that I could just set to film and play back. I don't want to be faffing around transferring files etc.

Many thanks.

niceguy2 Thu 10-Jan-13 11:57:45

Depends on what sort of quality you are after. Most modern smartphones now can do video. So can compact cameras.

I think much will depend on the sort of video you are after, what you intend to do with it and what equipment you have available.

MyNewVenture Thu 10-Jan-13 12:59:42

It will be to film interviews taking place between me and one other person (i.e. I will not be able to hold the camera). It needs to be of sufficient quality that the person being interviewed can see themselves clearly and that I can comment on their interview performance.

After it has been played back I will probably delete it. Equipment avail: Nexuz 7 (too small), digital camera. Don't really want to use either of these though - would rather be able to pop open a laptop, angle it correctly and fire ...

Thanks for your help smile

TotallyBS Thu 10-Jan-13 18:59:31

What is your objection to the digital camera? Afterwards you plug the camera into the laptop or desktop and watch the video directly. There is no need to transfer files.

Or buy a cheap webcam camera for your laptop.

PedroPonyLikesCrisps Sat 12-Jan-13 14:03:15

Might be misunderstanding but it sounds like you want the interviewee to be able to see themselves on screen during the interview, is that right? In which case, you want a Web cam for your laptop/PC.

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