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New to Kindle Fire, help please!

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flippyfloppy Sun 30-Dec-12 22:35:00

I must start by saying I'm not very technical, but I'm willing to learn! I received the Kindle Fire HD as a Christmas present and I'm starting to play about ?! with it and have a couple of questions. Can I only install apps from Amazon? can I not get mumsnet, Facebook etc? also can I watch tv programmes on demand? I've tried to watch a channel 4 programme tonight but given up as it didn't seem to work! Tia x

niceguy2 Sun 30-Dec-12 22:47:55

Yes, you can only install apps from Amazon unless you are technically minded and don't mind hacking at it. Then you can 'side load' apps from other places.

I understand that there is now an official Facebook app for the Kindle HD. It should be in the app store. I doubt mumsnet app will be on the Amazon app store. I stand to be corrected though. Of course you can still access both Facebook & MN via the web browser.

4OD still relies on Flash which isn't supported on the Kindle either! In fact Flash is no longer supported by Adobe so the sooner channel 4 change to HTML5, the better.

Personally I think Amazon should make it clearer what you can/cannot do with the Kindle. It really ties you into the Amazon world and trying to act the same as Apple. Except Apple is a unique company who kickstarted the tablet market so people didn't miss what they didn't have. Times have changed.

RudolphsNoseInMyXmasStocking Sun 30-Dec-12 22:51:21

You can't get the mn app but if you type mumsmeeting the search bar and select 'web' you can find it that way. same goes for any website I think. hth.

RudolphsNoseInMyXmasStocking Sun 30-Dec-12 22:52:39

Sorry - *Mumsnet in

New nails, and cannot do a sodding thing now!

flippyfloppy Mon 31-Dec-12 13:46:30

Thanks both, it's starting to get a little clearer! X

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