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TV series download question about viewing on Ipad - I'm not very technical:-(

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Pinkflipflop Sun 30-Dec-12 20:22:59

I downloaded the whole Revenge series via Itunes on my laptop. Initially I thought I could put it straight onto my Ipad but there wasn't enough space.

I have ordered the little gizmo that will allow me to plug a USB flash drive into the Ipad. In the meantime I just wanted to check that I was able to copy the episodes over to a USB and play directly from there. It seemed to copy over OK and the available space on the USB stick is reduced accordingly but the episodes won't play. It just says Windows Media cannot open the file.

Will it be OK when the gizmo to plug the USB stick into the Ipad arrives?

Sorry for rambling but I'm not very techinal!

tribpot Sun 30-Dec-12 20:28:23

You can't play iTunes content except within iTunes - it's copy protected. You may be able to persuade the iTunes on your iPad that some of its library lives on this memory stick (can't see any reason why that wouldn't work) but I wouldn't bother. You can either just move the episodes over a few at a time to watch and then delete (using your usual sync cable) or you can download them over wi-fi as you want them, again deleting them once watched.

You will probably need to reformat the flash drive before the iPad can access the content - you might be alright if it's only got to read from it. But it would be easier just to download the episodes as you need them within iTunes.

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