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Help! DNS config

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mummybookworm Fri 28-Dec-12 20:57:44

Will try and bullet point or I'll be here all night!

Had to factory reset router
Can only get local area network on PC, and no Internet.
Pc says something about problem with DNS configurations.

I am not happy with the router anyway - should I buy a new one or is this problem easily fixed? Thank you oh techy ones smile

MrAnchovy Fri 28-Dec-12 23:08:13

Let me guess - Virgin? Had lots of problems in the last 24 hours, the problem is with Virgin's network and a new router won't fix it (although the Virgin cable router doesn't seem to be very reliable in wireless mode so switching it to so-called "modem mode" and adding a decent wireless router can be a good move).

mummybookworm Sat 29-Dec-12 11:10:20

Thanks Mr, no it's Orange with a Netgear Router.

Blackduck Sat 29-Dec-12 11:15:44

Easy to fix. Your pc needs DNS address - usually this is your routers IP address.

NaokHoHoHo Sat 29-Dec-12 15:49:50

I suspect that the factory reset has made the router lose its settings, and it's for some reason failing to detect your ISP's DNS server automatically. You do not need to buy a new one, you just need to give it the information it needs. Do you know how to log in to the router? If you do, have a look round in there for a menu or option for a menu labelled 'DNS' or similar (it's short for 'Domain Name Service'). There may be an option to get it automatically from your provider; if that's not ticked, tick it and try again. If that doesn't help, untick it and enter it manually - you're with Orange, so a quick Google tells me that this is what you need to enter.

If that doesn't help either, it may be that the problem is at your PC's end, rather than the router, and you'll need to go digging in its network settings to make sure it knows to look to the router for DNS information, rather than try itself.

throckenholt Sat 29-Dec-12 16:03:57

connect to your router with a cable connection (ie not wireless), open a browser, put in the address - you will get a login window - if you have reset to the factory settings I think the password will be on the router somewhere.

Once in - you can check if the router is connected to the internet - if it is then the problem is the connection to your pc. If not then you need to set the basics - like your user id and password to your internet provider.

mummybookworm Sat 29-Dec-12 22:16:20

Thanks all. I phoned Orange and it is sorted. smile

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