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Anyone know how to disable in-app purchases on a Samsung Galaxy Tab2?

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MadameGazelle Wed 26-Dec-12 19:29:17

Does anyone know how to do this? DS1 got a galaxy tab yesterday and I've set up a pin so that he can't buy apps without me knowing, but I can't see how to disable in-app purchases. If anyone could help that would be great smile

niceguy2 Wed 26-Dec-12 20:04:04

Once you've set up the PIN, under the user controls in the app store settings, you should see an option "Use PIN for purchases"

MadameGazelle Wed 26-Dec-12 20:27:59

Hi niceguy I've done that but don't think that disables in app purchases, I'm just comparing it to my ipad which has a password when buying apps on the app store as well as a slider to turn off in app purchases - unless I just want a nice sliding button to reassure me like it has on my ipad grin

MadameGazelle Thu 27-Dec-12 08:41:48


niceguy2 Thu 27-Dec-12 10:29:17

Have you tried it? That's how it should work.

I found same instructions here: How to disable in app purchases

MadameGazelle Thu 27-Dec-12 11:31:41

Thanks - going to try it out with an in app purchase now smile

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