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Error installing Don't Starve from Steam, help!

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aleene Mon 24-Dec-12 22:25:29

This may be a long shot but on behalf of my DS I purchased Don't Starve from Steam. It will not load. The message says Error processing render buffer command Initialize Texture.
Any ideas?

NaokHoHoHo Wed 26-Dec-12 02:28:57

A bit of googling suggests this is a known issue and especially common if you're trying to play this game on a computer with a low-powered graphics card. Do you know what sort of graphics card your PC has? There is a workaround for the issue on the developer's website here; have a go at that (or come back if it doesn't make sense and I'll try to explain!) but the ultimate problem may be the graphics card.

aleene Tue 08-Jan-13 00:00:19

Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry I did not return to the thread blush. I did try the workaround. I then emailed Steam but heard nothing after an automated message. Will try again but don't hold out much hope.

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