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Anyone else watching the War Z fiasco with their jaw on the ground?

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MurderOfGoths Wed 19-Dec-12 12:25:42

It's bizarre. Just totally unbelievable!

If you've missed it, War Z is a game that's been released kind of out of the blue. And it's Steam description totally failed to mention that the game was still in alpha. Not even beta, alpha! So large chunks of the game have "still in development" written on them. On top of that the description had other outright lies in it.

Such as
A huge persistent world: The War Z is an open world game. Each world has areas between 100 to 400 square kilometres

It has ONE area, which is just about 100 square kilometres!

Hundreds of servers to play on and you can also rent and create public or private servers

No private servers.

Gain experience points and spend it to learn dozens of available skills

No skills

Under "Key Features"
Two modes of play: Normal and hardcore

No hardcore mode

Up to 100 players per game server

Maximum of 50 players

So obviously people are not happy, sensible solution would be to say, "oops, sorry, our fault, we'll correct it and issue refunds if people want", right? No chance.

In this interview they instead blame the users for not reading the description properly!

"I'm sure there'll be people who will look into small details and will say "no I was mislead," where in fact they imagined something to themselves without checking details first"


And then it gets even better!

They updated the game description to add in "Upcoming features". But the "key features" still says up to 100 player severs, and normal and hardcore mode.

And then better still!

They've issued an update which means that you can't respawn for 4 hours, unless you pay them that is!

They've also issued a new T&C which states that by agreeing to it you cannot ask for a refund. They are also telling people who aren't happy to sign up with them for a refund, then forcing them to sign the T&C in order to sign up. Of course once they've signed the T&C they are told that they've already agreed not to get a refund.

Anyone who points out the flaws in the game and/or advertising is banned from their forum.

I'm sure this isn't even going to be the end of all this. shock

mrscrimbobash Wed 19-Dec-12 19:06:49

That's ridiculous. Won't be buying. They'll go bust quick- think of City Of Heroes.

Prison architect was released in Alpha I think and there's updates regularly, it's quite good fun and has a community vibe. Somehow don't think 'Community vibe 'is what World War Z will have after this.

Shame as I loved the book and would probably have paid but I can't bear arseholes so card is staying sheathed in pocket!

MurderOfGoths Wed 19-Dec-12 22:01:28

Latest is that Steam have removed it from sale!

Prison architect looks fantastic, DH gave it a try the other day and loved it.

mrscrimbobash Wed 19-Dec-12 22:19:58

It's deffo worth buying. I loved that when they were raising funds for the project you could pay extra for the game and get to be a character in it!

MurderOfGoths Wed 19-Dec-12 22:24:26

It gets even better

The devs are claiming that 93% of their users are happy with the game!

Sounds like they've pretty much completely ripped off another game, Day Z.

They've been banning users from the game with no explanation, and no grounds. Then, of course, they accuse people of lying.

Part of their Terms of Service was ripped completely from League of Legends. And even included a link to League of Legends.

Oh yes, and the map size? The claimed 100 to 400 square kilometres? Someone measured it, it's 9.7417.

Looks like they also didn't exactly create their own artwork.

Copying off of others work seems to be theme here.

MurderOfGoths Wed 19-Dec-12 22:26:55

And better

This is someone's conversation with War Z's customer support. Dodgy much?

mrscrimbobash Wed 19-Dec-12 22:36:06

That is soooo dodgy. You have to wonder how they ever thought they'd get away with it. Steam gamers are known for being pretty on the ball.

Insane, just trying to make a fast buck.

niceguy2 Thu 20-Dec-12 23:29:06

Steam issues refunds

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