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MacBook Pro help!! I broke it twice and it's new!

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Lesbeadiva Sat 17-Nov-12 22:42:53

I am a long term ipad user and just bought my first MacBook today. It was all going fine, it said I could migrate my files from my pc later, so I went ahead and just set up an account. Transferred music form ipad and played around

Then I migrated using wifi, all fine I thought. I only want my photos from the pc. But it has set up a new user account and they have all gone in there!
I am not a technophobe but this has confused me.

I tried to share between users but it won't allow it. It won't allow me to delete the migrated user account.

So can anyone help?

Can I share the files between users? If so how? (In simple speak if you can)blush

If not, can I put the files on an external hdd and then drag them over?

And then, ow the hell do I delete the migrated user account? I have tried the usual method but the "minus" that I should be able to click to delete it doesn't come up.

I don't want to be frustrated at my new shiny laptop, but I am!

Any help gratefully recieved. Thanks!

Ps it seems to have had a blank screen twice when I fiddled with shared folders.

Lesbeadiva Sun 18-Nov-12 11:44:54

Cheeky one??

prism Sun 18-Nov-12 14:09:58

The minus sign not coming up is probably because you're logged in as that person. If you set the machine up as "Sausage" and then migrated an account of someone called "Mash", you need to log Sausage out and log in as Mash if you want to delete the Sausage account. Also Mash has to be a system administrator, which is an option you will have had when you set the account up, and you can change it in System Preferences/Accounts if you need to.

I wouldn't recommend the use of the Shared folder in Users- it'a a pain in the arse, as you end up duplicating everything you want to share. Just make sure you know which account you want to use and bin the other one, or at least change the automatic login account to the one you want to use.

niceguy2 Sun 18-Nov-12 15:31:58

Put the files onto an external HDD and copy them across manually. Life's too short to be messing around when you can do it the easy albeit more manual way.

Lesbeadiva Sun 18-Nov-12 16:50:28

Thanks guys, I fixed

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