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Mac and photos issue Help?

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struwelpeter Fri 16-Nov-12 13:51:57

Hi, I took photos off camera on to Mac but when I took USB key into photo place to print up, the files are unreadable. Jessops told me it's because they are from Mac. So how do I get them in a format that can be read by a print place and then printed?
Am total Mac person and don't know one end of a pc from another!

wateryperson Fri 16-Nov-12 14:26:44

i usually export my mac files into the right format before i stick them onto my memory stick (I also work on a PC and its Word I have issues with). I would have guessed JPG is best as I know that works for macs and pcs. Open iphoto , click on photos you want to export, Go to file , then export, make sure you change from the default (current) to JPG .

Jessops have an online tool for Mac users that may help but may not be necessary if you just want basic prints done in the shop.

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