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Best time to change mobile phone provider? PAC code help pls!

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theladylovescupcakes Tue 13-Nov-12 21:44:39

My contract with Virgin expires 16 December. Planning to leave them due to hassles with applying discounts, but would like to take my number with me. I understand that I have to get a PAC code from them to give to my new provider, but when should I do this? Don't want to be phoneless for any length of time, also don't want to be paying for two phones at the same time.

Bit of a dunce, so any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

APMF Wed 14-Nov-12 23:08:08

They will give you the PAC immediately. It is usually valid for 30 days. When you give the code to your new provider they will give you an activation date that is typically 2-3 days in the future. On that day your old sim will stop working at some point and within an hour or so your old number will be on the new sim.

So, get the PAC about 5 working days from the end of your contract and just ask your new provider for an activation date that is the last day of the contract.

theladylovescupcakes Fri 16-Nov-12 08:31:48

Thanks APMF. I was reluctant to change because of hassles, but that seems pretty straightforward!

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