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Help - re losing all my texts and call logs from my phone

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sudaname Sat 10-Nov-12 20:26:22

Today has been stuff of nightmares re all things techie !

Basically wanted a new phone as mine is damaged. But realised that l couldnt save my texts or call logs - both in hundreds and some info very important from both - long story, possible legal case etc.

So l saved all my pics,recordings (l use phone as a dictaphone at work in order to fill out diary later)contacts - all no problem.

Then tried on advice from Orange to save my texts via 'sms save and restore' (or ilk) which l could access via wi-fi at home. Tried to access it and have forgotten my Google account password so wouldnt let me do it.

Had enough at this point (new phone coming by courier tomo and l have to hand over this one) so went into town into Carphone Warehouse explained my predicament and their 'Geek' desk said for £15 they could save all my texts and then when l got new phone they can be put back on.

So they saved them somehow onto the SD card in my phone and gave it back to me out of the phone iyswim. As it's so tiny l asked could l put it back in my phone for safekeeping and they said yes providing l dont forget to remove it when l hand the phone over. So l put it back in phone.

Got home and not being one to be beaten l decided to try again to connect my phone to my Google account and go on this SMS saving thingey for future ref really.. but still phone not having it !

So l set up a new Gmail account and tried again but phone was bringing up the old Googlemail account that l dont have password to. So l decided to delete that account.

I was then told by my phones screen that l can only delete this account by going into Settings and then Privacy and reverting to factory default settings or something. It did warn me l would lose data etc but seemed to be saying only Google stuff and not pics,contacts etc. So l did it.

Went back into my phone and every single bloody text (hundreds) and call logs which went back months have vanished. Both empty files. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArgh.

Now what l want to know is this. Because l did all this with the SD card in the phone - that the 'Geek' had saved my texts to - will the texts still be on there when l take it back into the shop or will l have wiped them off there aswell as off the phone.

Also if l have is there anyway to retrieve them ?

l rang Orange to help me and they were going to ring me straight back on my landline and do some tests with me to see what was still on sd card but they never rang back.

l need a drink - whole day buggering about with this !!

sudaname Sat 10-Nov-12 20:36:43

ps. The shop said they had put the texts onto the sd card in a format that only their machine recognises so when l get my new phone l merely take the sd card back in and they will then transfer the texts and everything else back onto my new phone.

niceguy2 Sat 10-Nov-12 22:49:40

Ok first of all assuming the 'geeks' did their job then yes your texts should be saved. A factory reset as you've just found out puts the phone as it comes from the no logs/texts/anything!

So my advice would be to remove the SD card, keep it safe and not touch it! Do that first! If you are lucky then their software may have also saved the call logs too.

Secondly if you can reset your google password Recover Account then the phone will download all your contacts again. Your pics/music etc should still be there.

Lastly if you ever want to save your messages etc again, I thoroughly recommend this app Go Backup

sudaname Sun 11-Nov-12 15:23:16

Hi NiceGuy and thanks very much for replying.
Good news is have managed to find a memory card adaptor type thingy (sorry - am so not technical) that came with my phone originally. SD card slots into it and put that in my laptop and all the contacts are on there and all the texts and a couple of files l cant open. The texts are in a very easy to read format etc so dont know what 'geek' meant about only their machine can format(?) back into a readable form - but hey-ho - at least l have them.

As for my call logs which went back months and l use to transfer times spent on calls, who l was talking to and cost to me etc etc into a diary but am always weeks behind cos am sloppy at my leisure really, l fear they are lost for good, so either the 'geek' wasnt paying attention and neglected to save them as requested - or maybe they cant be saved off the phone.
But anyway ,main thing is saved my texts and have now transferred to documents on laptop before putting SD card into my new phone, so l have them in two places now.

As for my call logs Orange have said can get detailed bill online of all my outgoing calls but not my incoming calls, so will have to make do with that. So all in all got away with it quite well.

I have got a new Google account now so have got on 'SMS save and restore' or something - so this never happens again ! But will try the one you recommended now.

Thanks very much again.

niceguy2 Sun 11-Nov-12 17:19:21

No probs. Go Backup also copies call logs as well as contacts as well as SMS's. I assume given the name, the one you downloaded only does text messages.

sudaname Sun 11-Nov-12 18:48:20

Yes that's right - and as for that one backing up call logs aswell - now he tells me !! grin

Seriously though wish l'd known about it before. Thanks again.

PedroPonyLikesCrisps Sun 11-Nov-12 19:41:45

If it's a contract phone then all your calls will be on your itemised bills.

sudaname Sun 11-Nov-12 20:36:22

Yes thanks, that what they told me but not incoming texts /calls. Apparently they're lost in the great abyss but never mind, came out of it relatively well really smile just one weekend of my life l'll never get back sad

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