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A quick tutorial on how to do links on an iPhone

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Jacksmania Thu 01-Nov-12 04:25:41

Have read this again a few times tonight.

"Am on iPhone, can't do links."

For all of you who've ever posted this, here you are:

Open a new web page on your phone (the little square-upon-a-square on the bottom of the screen).

On the new page, touch and hold the bar with the URL in it. The bar will change to show the entire URL. Touch it again. A new pop-up will show up that says "select" and "select all". Touch "select all". Then touch one of "copy, paste, define", which will pop up next. Touch "copy".

Go back to your MN page.
Type two left square brackets.
Touch the screen and hold for a second. A pop-up will show up. Select "paste". Space. Type whatever you want to call the link.
Type two right square brackets.

Preview to make sure you did it right.


See how rewarding it is?


Tee2072 Thu 01-Nov-12 05:44:48

Ha, I was just thinking this.

The only problem is they might be on the App when they say that.

blonderthanred Thu 01-Nov-12 06:05:27

I have been wondering that for ages

FunnyBird Thu 01-Nov-12 06:09:55

Am on the app. No reason it shouldn't work.

Tee2072 Thu 01-Nov-12 06:25:03

Oh, no I just meant that's probably not how you do it on the app, not that you couldn't.

catinwitchyboots Thu 01-Nov-12 06:49:46

did it work

catinwitchyboots Thu 01-Nov-12 06:49:57

Oooh grin

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Thu 01-Nov-12 06:54:14

Excellent advice - came upon this myself by an extremely gradual process of osmosis. Think I only twigged the windows thing in the past couple of months. blush.

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Thu 01-Nov-12 06:59:52

Here's me.
Oh, and dont forget if you want your own text to show you have to leave a space after the address, type in 'here's me' for eg, then so your closing square brackets.

Hyperballad Thu 01-Nov-12 07:03:54

Ooooo thanks!

has this worked?!

Hyperballad Thu 01-Nov-12 07:07:26

It has!

Because now I'll be linking everything all off the time!!!

trumpton Thu 01-Nov-12 07:26:42

I did it . thanks I just blindly believed it wasn't possible . Hoorah a new skill has been gained .

So urvvr.

ISeeDeadFairies Thu 01-Nov-12 07:36:21

How do you change the link titles? I can add the link but that's all I'm capable of!

ISeeDeadFairies Thu 01-Nov-12 07:45:16

Ignore me. Apparently not capable of reading either ! blush

JazzAnnNonMouse Thu 01-Nov-12 07:45:40

Thank you - needed that!!

HauntedLittleLunatic Thu 01-Nov-12 08:20:41

And if you don't want to gaff with square brackets leave them out and check the convert links automatically box under the box you type in.

Incidently instructions are virtually identical for HTC/Android users. Only diffetence is how to get the new window (press menu. Select windows. Hit the plus button that comes up).

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Thu 01-Nov-12 09:57:07

Ooooh, thank you. Tech thicky here who actually DIDN'T know how to do that. And it was irking me.

I am posting a reply so I can find this later. So I stop annoying myself by having to write that I can't post a link as I am on the App. Now I know how to.

thanks grin

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Thu 01-Nov-12 09:57:53

And YANBU. YAactuallyBVVVR.

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Thu 01-Nov-12 10:01:50

What my DD wants for Christmas

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Thu 01-Nov-12 10:02:10

Haha! By Jove I've cracked it!!

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Thu 01-Nov-12 10:02:55


MardyBra Thu 01-Nov-12 10:13:19

I sometimes find its a problem if you've done a google search and THINK you've selected just one particular image but in fact it returns loads

Maybe less of a problem in the that link.

blonderthanred Thu 01-Nov-12 10:15:56

Mardy that really is no problem at all. Please continue.

MardyBra Thu 01-Nov-12 10:17:31

you just have to make sure you're not still on google in th address line

MardyBra Thu 01-Nov-12 12:06:05

Oh dear. I killed it. Bumping because it's a useful thread.

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