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Downloading music on a phone!

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Smokedsalmonbagel Mon 29-Oct-12 20:32:17

I have just got a new phone (at last) and can get on the internet (facebook)!

I would like to download some music but really have no idea where to start and have a few questions.

Which is the best site to use? Itunes seems popular but is it only for Iphones as I haven't got one of those.

How do you pay? I've seen vouchers you can get for Itunes, can you get those for other sites? Otherwise do you pay by credit card. It seems a bit daft paying on credit card for a song thats 99p.

Bit of a novice so any help would be great!

AndrewD Mon 29-Oct-12 21:42:47

I use amazon's mp3 store. The website has my credit card details and charges the card with each purchase. Amazon provide several ways of downloading the music, depending on what devices you use. I have an android phone. Amazon have an app that allows downloads direct to the phone (best over wireless). However, unless you back up your phone you could loose the phone and the music. I am not sure amazon would give you replacement files. So I prefer to download it to my pc (a mac in my case) and then copy it to the phone. There are many ways to copy files from a PC to a phone, depending on which type of each of each you have.

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