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Can you use Free web design software which is NOT from your hosting company?

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stickygotstuck Fri 26-Oct-12 10:24:06

Just that, really.

I bought my domain name from company A.

I have just bought hosting from company B.

Can I download some free software (such as WebPlus basic version) and then upload the files to my host via ftp? I have downloaded it, and have started messing around with it, but the file format is their own (has a wpp extension) so I'm guessing you can't use it elsewhere.

Is there any free software out there that you can use with any host?

I know some hosting companies give you free software, but mine doesn't, and I would have to pay extra which I'm not keen on at the moment.

I need to create a site for information only, very simple, 3 or 4 pages.

Thanks! smile

MrAnchovy Sat 27-Oct-12 01:21:36

(Serif) WebPlus is pretty good for free software, and yes you can upload the sites it generates anywhere. You don't upload the .wpp file though, you 'publish' it from inside WebPlus; you will need the FTP details for your hosting account.

stickygotstuck Sun 28-Oct-12 14:14:50

Thank you MrAnchovy!! smile.

Sorry for the delay, I was despairing from anybody replying, so double thanks to you.

That's exactly what I need to know. I am a total novice at this and didn't want to spend ages trying to create something that looked half-decent, and find out later that I couldn't use it. I'll see how it goes...

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