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Spam. Spam, and more spam

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PagingDrFaggot Wed 24-Oct-12 08:03:45

I have had my msn email address from the first days of using the Internet . Always had a few spammy emails but in the last few weeks it has got to the point where it's around 60 a day and seems to be rising. Can I save it somehow or is it just going to get worse until its unusable ? I

NetworkGuy Wed 24-Oct-12 13:34:34

Does MSN do much spam filtering (eg have a 'spam' folder that they automatically move incoming messages to) ? If not, you might look into getting a Google Mail account, and forwarding all mail to that.

I've used software solutions like K9 (free, for Windows) and various free and paid for services, and GMail seems to do quite well. I have at least 5 GM accounts and upwards of 150,000 messages (over some 5+ years of use) and can recommend them as usually detecting spam quite well.

An option for reducing further spam (since some mail lists, online services and stores, etc, can get hacked and have all their database of contact details copied) is to consider giving addresses on the service.

Every time I register with a new web site, I give it a unique mail address. Most accept spamgourmet addresses (and they have a number of domain names, so I can give an e-mail of [ is registered by, but not named so clearly!])

If a firm was ever hacked, or sold my mail address registered with them, I could change a setting at and every message to that mail address will be 'eaten' and never reach my 'real' mail address. HTH

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