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Which new TV?

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BlogOnTheTyne Tue 23-Oct-12 08:47:04

We have a tiny, portable 28 year old TV/DVD combi as the only TV in the home. None of us watches TV very much (say once or twice a year) but we all have PCs.

However, as we approach yet another Xmas, which is the only time of year we probably have a few days to sit down as a family and collectively watch a film, I'm thinking of finally buying a new flat screen TV.

Recently, young relatives were caught mocking and laughing at our old 'dinosaur' of a TV and this has also spurred me on. But I have no idea which, of the thousands of types and model of TV, we should buy?

I know there are smart TVs but assume we don't really need one, as we have PCs? I don't know what the pros and cons are for different types - eg LED vs plasma. We probably only need something with a small to medium sized screen (our current TV has a screen of 12 inches!! but I can no longer see it properly from the sofa!).

I don't even know what sort of things to consider. I'm hoping whatever we get would last several years, be good quality and probably would only want to spend around £200 to £350 on it.

What would people recommend?

NetworkGuy Tue 23-Oct-12 10:16:08

You could try Kogan - Kogan is an Australian firm that made a name for themselves by saying many UK firms (like Argos, Comet, Currys) were 'ripping off' consumers by charging a fortune for an HDMI cable, and they would give them away free.

No HDMI cable needed for this - it's a 24" flat screen with Freeview built in. Given how infrequently you need a TV, I thought that finding one a lot lower in cost (130 quid) might suit you.

If you'd prefer a 'well known brand' then Richer Sounds has the Samsung UE32EH5000 (32") TV at 297 quid including their free delivery and 5 year warranty. Without the warranty it's about 25 quid cheaper (and these days who knows which firms might close, but warranty is often transferred or done as insurance with a thrid party, so probably safe)

NetworkGuy Tue 23-Oct-12 10:27:33

Forgot to mention which is a firm I have used now and then...

At the bottom end, they can sell you a 24" TV with built-in DVD player at 140
or you could pay 289 for the 32" Toshiba 32DV502B (ibuilt-in DVD player)
or (have last laugh on teens!) get a 42" for 299 from LG (model 42PA4500)

BlogOnTheTyne Wed 24-Oct-12 09:57:45

Thanks for the feedback. Can anyone give me a quick summary of the differences between types of new TV and the pros and cons of each - ie LED vs plasma; smart vs not smart; inbuilt DVD vs separate DVD; inbuilt Freeview etc etc?

Incidentally, we have Virgin Media V-box currently for our TV stations. Will that V box plug straight into any new TV and start working rightaway or will a new TV mean we have to get a Virgin Media person to come out and set it all up again (not something I'd look forward to, as, in y experience, it can take months to find a full day where I can be in all day long to see a technician, who often then doesn't turn up, doesn't do what they've come to do or causes more problems than before they arrived!)

NetworkGuy Wed 24-Oct-12 13:26:08

Plasma was out first, gets warmer (uses more power) but in the early days, was definitely a 'plus' for brightness and contrast when compared with LCD.

LCD is cheaper, initially TV images may have looked a little 'washed out' but no longer the case. There can be issues over how 'black' the black sections of an image get, but think it's the experts who are trying to microscore TV vs TV for reviews and not necessarily a real life problem for most watching.

LED is more recent, and thus at present a bit more costly. Uses LEDs around the edge to light up the screen and can mean the TV is noticeably thinner than plasma, and most LCD.

Freeview is in pretty much all UK TVs since now everywhere (as of yesterday night last analogue service was switched off) uses digital transmission. Freeview HD (4 channels only) is available as on a minority of TVs or Freeview boxes / recorders.

If you search a little for 'TV buying guide' you'll find several:

> Which? site <
> PriceRunner < (has photos of connectors, which is useful!) > Argos <

> TV Buying Guide < (... probably site built only to get commission for clicking links to retail web sites)

Richer Sounds had a summary copied from Which? magazine

I've not really seen a full description of 'smart TVs' but internet connection and ability to stream video/audio from computers in the home are likely. However, I doubt you'd get a 'smart' set for under 350 quid.

bea Wed 24-Oct-12 14:40:03

We've just bought this and we love it!

Picture is great and the smart tv thing is brilliant! as we like to catch up on i player... you can watch films etc via lovefilm/netflix (all these are already installed onto the tv)

definitley recommend! Your family will be in awe!!!

maxmillie Wed 24-Oct-12 18:11:15

We've got this. It's awesome. But possible way more than you need ..... would shut the young rellies up though!

Samsung are very good brand imo.

maxmillie Wed 24-Oct-12 18:15:57

PS the virgin should work fine - just transfer cables - your old tv might have a scart connection and a new one will use HDMI - may need to purchase an HDMI cable. Virgin boxes have slots for both.

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