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Ipad v. laptop for DS, 11 - please tell me which is best

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MaggieW Sat 20-Oct-12 16:49:57

DS is saving for an Ipad but I am wondering if he would be better off buying a Apple laptop. What would you advise? He'll be using it for secondary school homework, projects etc as well as for making iMovies, playing games etc.

Also, what if the computers at school are windows based rather than Apple, how do we get around that please? TIA.

Snowflakepie Sat 20-Oct-12 17:02:00

For word processing, projects etc I would go with the laptop. My iPad is fine but it is tricky to print from, get decent word or excel equivalents without being online and using something like google docs. For games and online stuff, the iPad works well. Having said that, it is not quite the trendy thing to have a laptop but I honestly think it is better for the sort of thing you mention. You can get Office for the mac and that will allow you to save docs in a word format that windows machines could then use. If he will have Internet access in school the google docs will also do the same. I use a windows laptop for coursework and the iPad slumped on the sofa for laziness! Might be worth talking to schools IT department in case they have any experience from other kids? Hope that helps x

Lap top.

Ipads are fab..but not anywhere near as useable for word processing etc..also printing from, if school expect the to do work and print off or take on a USB stick.

I love my ipad but for anything more intensive than Mumsnet or reading I use my laptop. (Well macbook.. wouldn't go near Windows for anything shudder)

NetworkGuy Sat 20-Oct-12 21:03:56

No need to 'shudder' - there's nothing wrong with Windows (XP) and lots of things more easily available and/or cheaper than on Apple kit, writing as a user of both think that many schools will still only use Windows, because of LEA funding, BECTA (in the past), and lower purchase costs.

Yes, I'd favour 'open source' (eg Linux and 'Open Office' or similar) over Microsoft, but sadly the education and business sectors seem to favour the 'tried and tested' (and costing an arm and leg long term) Microsoft Office problem 'solution'.

NetworkGuy Sat 20-Oct-12 21:07:06

laptop if only for the decent keyboard (but also value for money, assuming a Windows 7 system bought for say 300 quid), plus use of USB stick (and other easily linked low cost accessories.

exexpat Sat 20-Oct-12 21:14:33

Laptop, and windows probably better unless they have Macs at school.

We have an iPad and Windows computers, but DS (14) rarely uses the iPad except for watching films/iPlayer or sometimes doing GarageBand etc. A proper computer is much better for doing homework on - iPads are not great for typing unless you get a separate keyboard.

Also, DS likes to multitask - he has FB/twitter open in one window, some music playing on YouTube or soundcloud in another window, something he's looked up on Wikipedia in another window etc, and you can't really do that on an iPad.

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