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How to put credit on an android app for DS?

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Katisha Sat 20-Oct-12 12:16:29

Sorry - this must be very basic, but DS is getting an android tablet for his birthday. How does he buy apps and stuff - can I put some credit on the google play account every now and then which he can then access with a password? I don't want to just have a running link to my credit card on there.

NetworkGuy Sat 20-Oct-12 21:23:22

Don't think you can. I would think some prepaid card might be best, in your name for opening (and making credit payments direct from bank a/c, perhaps) but usable for purchases if needed (there are plenty of free apps, and do remember that there's a 15 minute window to get a refund if something isn't suitable for the tablet - eg a game which assumes there's GPS built in [to a phone] which cannot 'find' location for the tablet).

I have an Orange prepaid Mastercard, which has few fees compared with others (cash withdrawals cost you, but credits direct from bank don't, unlike some others).

Take a look at

Unfortunately cards have a setup fee, but look for ones with no monthly fee, and that are free to load with credit. Cash withdrawals should be avoided, and lowest UK transaction cost sought.

Depending on age of DS it might be worth having an Orange PAYG mobile (registered in your name) as you can get current balance via SMS 'BALANCE' to 311 from a nominated Orange phone.

NetworkGuy Sat 20-Oct-12 21:33:30

Just looked on > MSE < and there's a recommendation of Lebara Money which has 2 cards, and no fee if you top up initially with 20 quid (so top it up, spend a tenner on some smaller gift and then he won't go mad buying dozens of apps to use up the full 20 quid!)

Second card can be given to a family member over 13... Load card free from a bank transfer. See

Katisha Sat 20-Oct-12 21:42:12

Thanks. Cripes thought I ought to be able to just load up the google play thing with a tenner or something

What you were saying about a tablet not being able to find its location - I was trying to set it up ready to go for him earlier and came across this with the yahoo weather thing on its homepage . Do android tablets not know there they are geographically ? (my only experience of apps so far is on an iPhone.)

NetworkGuy Sun 21-Oct-12 02:36:20

Various smartphones have GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) receivers built in, so Apps can use the info to provide location specific content (adverts, etc) but neither my tablet or Android TV adaptor (plugs in on HDMI port) has this facility.

One mentions linking to a separate GPS via Bluetooth, and I know some phones can use local wi-fi hotspots, so that may be another option but I think you may find the BBC weather works better (browser can store cookies which hold your location and any other 'favourite' locations too).

My sister has an iPhone but must admit I'm unfamiliar about its capabilities compared with Android (I have a few Android mobiles from Samsung and others).

Can understand your thinking about the Play store, but I guess it is safer to automate it so debit/credit cards are used than have the temptation of thouands or millions of pounds sat in Google accounts for some crooked employee to try to steal!

Good luck setting up your son's tablet!

PedroPonyLikesCrisps Thu 25-Oct-12 17:17:03

There's very little need to allow you ds to be able to spend cash in the Play store. If he really needs to pay for apps then just set up one of your cards but password protect the account so he has to come to you to purchase anything.

Katisha Thu 25-Oct-12 17:22:43

Yes that's what I'll do Pedro. I hadn't realised you couldn't get the equivalent of iTunes vouchers etc.

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