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iphone repair "lost" in the post - I now have a sim on an expensive contract...

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KathG Fri 19-Oct-12 08:22:15

So I was advised by apple that I should return my phone for out of warranty replacement and that it would be faster than going in to my local shop! Not very true... I posted it back to them a week ago using their postage labels and it has not arrived with them.

So I am now stuck, and apparently cannot claim till 2 weeks are past. I need it for work and for "organinsing" the dd over half-term. What is my best deal.

Could spend £100£150 on a phone IF it has no contract attached and can take a "3" sim... (so could be payg if I can swap the sim).

Am feeling to annoyed to make sense of the deals. Apple have been so unhelpful (unlike in the shops) that I don't want a new iphone when this contract expires.


NetworkGuy Fri 19-Oct-12 19:25:41

Possibly best to visit a 3Store, see if they have Galaxy Ace or Europa in stock, and if they can provide a replacement SIM as you probably have a microSIM which will be too small. Europa on PAYG was about 50 quid last time I checked, Ace about 125-135.

Alternatively if you don't have (or like people in nearest) 3Store, visit Carphone Warehouse or Phones4U and ask what UNLOCKED 3G phones they have and explain why you need one... buy cheapest you can and contact Three via web/phone to see about different size SIM if you need one.

Plus with 3Store is they can probably wipe cost of SIM for PAYG as you are already spending plenty on contract, while other stores may require PAYG topup... if they do, see if you can flog SIM on Ebay for (say) 7.50 and explain 10.00 credit on unused SIM.

NetworkGuy Fri 19-Oct-12 19:31:25

Ace + Europa immediately came to mind as I have both from 3Store myself, but they may well have other PAYG phones on shelf at prices in between.

Ace similar size to iPhone, Europa smaller, but clearly top use will be phone calls and texts...

Three store may be able to help copy SIM contents (ie contacts) if bigger SIM needed.

KathG Fri 19-Oct-12 20:08:43

Thanks will head to the 3 store tomorrow with those in mind...

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