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Transfer photos, iTunes etc to new pc. External hard drive?

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DowntonTrout Wed 17-Oct-12 12:34:04

Ok I'm a bit of a technophobe.

I have just bought a new pc. I need to know how to transfer 10 years worth of photos from my old pc- they are not backed up as yet.

Is it really as simple as buying an external hard drive? Can I just back up the photos and then transfer them to the new one?

Do I need to do this with iTunes - I have iCloud already. Or will I just be able to access my iTunes account from the new pc and will all my music be there?


12thmonkey Thu 18-Oct-12 11:11:33

assuming you have a windows pc and not a mac. It is as simple as buying an external hard drive. Get one, plug it in and drag and drop all your pictures there using windows explorer. You can then copy these using the same method to your new pc. I would highly recommend you leave a copy on the external hard drive for back up reasons.

With i tunes, if its music you have purchased from the itunes store you are able to re-download it. If it is not you will have to re-import into itunes again. The same method as above will work.

Make sure you de-activate the itunes on your old pc as apple only let you have around 5 active machines running your id at any one time.

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