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I can't identify at which point the problem is

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RonettePulaski Mon 15-Oct-12 20:24:55

I recently updated my iPhone to os 5. Following this it seemed to gave connectivity problems. I updated it again a week or so later as the next version was out. The problem remained

It then became apparent that my dp was having the sand problem (android) and also my laptop is too

The problem is the issue is a bit vague

I can browse websites with no problems, but if I try to buy anything, ie log onto an account or send bank details or upload photos to Facebook or post eBay listings. I can send emails but not with attachments. When i try to do somethning of this nature it either just hangs for ages and goes nowhere or I get the 'server cannot be found' message

I'm sure the problem must be with my Internet connection or router as the problem reoccurs with various devices

But what can it be? If I phone my Internet provider I'm going to sound vague and thick

Can anyone make a suggestion of where it what the problem might be?

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