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New Laptop Help Please

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jammydodger1 Sun 14-Oct-12 17:20:09

Just bought a new Fujitsu Lifebook A531 have set it up as instructed by screen but it wont hold its internet connection, I can get google no problem and it will access sites but after a few moments it says "lost connection" and if I press the back key it will bring it back for a few minutes but as soon as I try and do anything else it just looses it again, at the bottom it says its connected to my network and the strength is excellent, it must be as Im typing this on the old relic laptop and its working fine!
Any suggestions?

DontstepontheMomeRaths Tue 16-Oct-12 16:51:23

Hmmm is there a driver disk hiding anywhere for a pointing device? Or my other suggestion is if you go on the Fujitsu website you may find some software updates available for you laptop that you can add.

I found my internet connection improved dramatically, when I downloaded the updates on the website for my Asus laptop. So that's worth a try?

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