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can you buy apps from itunes usa?

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emmetbrown Thu 11-Oct-12 13:36:15

Was trying to get an app & it said it was only available in USA, not UK. Then it said 'do you want to switch stores?'
Great I thought, just like amazon, you can buy from Amazon .com as well as!
But no, it wouldn't let me.
Is it just me or is it impossible?
I have ios6 on the new iPad.

EasyFromNowOn Thu 11-Oct-12 15:13:53

You can, but you'll need to register an account with the US app store. You'll need a US address and either a US issued credit card, or an iTunes US voucher to register the account, and I do not believe that you can now set up an account without a method of payment, which used to be possible. You can buy US vouchers on ebay, although obviously you are taking a risk if you do so.

emmetbrown Thu 11-Oct-12 16:15:39

Hmmm. Am sure my best buddy in Texas would be willing to do all that.
But how would I get it onto MY iPad, and not HERs?

EasyFromNowOn Thu 11-Oct-12 20:48:17

get her to get you a US itunes gift card. Then, on your iPad, go into itunes, log out of your normal account, and go to the US store option. Click to open a new account, with a different email address, use her address (or something close to it) and use the number off the gift card she's bought. The account will then be in your name, on your iPad. Your friend doesn't do anything other than buy the card and email you the number on it.

You can then switch between accounts by choosing which store you go to - iTunes usually defaults to the last one you were in, but it won't let you log into the US store with your UK account, and vice versa, hence why you need a different email address.

Once the account is open you can get the free apps, tv episodes, bonus tracks etc from that store with no problems, and if you need to pay for something then you just get your handy American friend to get another gift card, if you need to.

You used to be able to open an iTunes account without a payment method, which was very handy for getting free apps/tv etc but they have blocked that option some time in the last couple of years.

emmetbrown Fri 12-Oct-12 23:01:40

Wow! You are so clever! Thank you. X

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