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Google Nexus 7 issues

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Jins Wed 10-Oct-12 10:56:20

Anyone else got one of these?

I'm new to android but DH has just got this and as he's slightly technophobic I'm setting it up. We've both got iPhones so there's a few apps I wanted to put on the tablet. I knew from the start that some aren't available on android but there's an awful lot that say they aren't compatible with this device when I try to download them. Iplayer is the most critical but I've had the same problems with national trust and a few others.

I've always steered clear from the iOS vs android debates as both sides are polarised but I have to say that if I download an iPhone app it just works. What do I have to do to my google tab to get these apps or I'd it just a question of waiting until developers produce them?

Also if I click on a PDF link it doesn't just open in another window. It took ages to notice an arrow in the notifications. It was another 3 clicks before the PDF was visible. Is there a way to get PDFs to open from one click?

<seriously considering ebaying the bloody thing>

antonym Wed 10-Oct-12 19:19:46 on how to install flash

Pdfs I am not so sure about. Do you have adobe reader installed? If not download it free from google play and see if that helps.

yes, it is harder than ios. I think you have to trust play if it says something isn't compatible. There's always a high chance that another app does much the same thing, and is compatible. I must say the nexus 7 is such a big thing i'm surprised devs aren't falling over themselves to make their apps work with it

PedroPonyLikesCrisps Fri 12-Oct-12 08:38:15

Your issue is that the Nexus 7 runs the Jelly Bean version of Android for which not all apps are yet compatible, but they will be in time.

Flash is a problem as it's no longer supported on Android, but it never was on Apple devices.

It takes longer for apps to be upgraded to the latest OS on Android because Google actually make decent advancements with each release. Apple apps just work because the OS is stale and they don't really ever change anything.

Stick with the Nexus, it's worth it!

Jins Fri 12-Oct-12 09:19:32

Thanks for your replies.

I've got iplayer working finally. PDF's are still frustrating though.

I think I'll be selling it and getting an iPad mini when it's released

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