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Can anyone help with getting past the password screen on a laptop? Please?

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snice Tue 09-Oct-12 16:31:20

No I havn't nicked it!

I have inherited a laptop running Windows XP from a relative who has given me their password to get past the first screen. They havn't used the laptop for a good few months now.

When I get the password prompt I enter the given password (all lower case-yes I checked). The machine doesn't reject it immediately but goes onto a screen saying 'welcome' whilst the centre bit spins .After about 30 seconds it goes back to the log in screen saying incorrect password. Relative is adamant I have the correct password.

Any ideas about how I can circumvent this bit and remove the password?
Thanks in advance

Acepuppets Tue 09-Oct-12 16:40:52

Is there a recovery disk? If not take it to a local computer shop and they can remove the password so you can have your own.

snice Tue 09-Oct-12 19:41:36

thanks-don't think she knows where the recovery disk is-can i remove it myself or is it too hard?

snice Tue 09-Oct-12 20:26:20

hopeful bump

snice Tue 09-Oct-12 21:40:41

have realised locked up laptop is actually running Vista not XP

1sassylassy Tue 09-Oct-12 22:07:58

I had the exactly the same senario as you,knew I was using the right password but it wouldnt let me in,googled it but even for somebody who knows their way round a pc,it seemed to be fraught with possible errors.What I did was use the restore partition to reformat the hard disk,it would depend on the laptop having a recovery partition if you could use this method.What make and model is it.

snice Tue 09-Oct-12 22:32:44

its a Sony Vaio model PCG-5J5M

sounds like a job for a pro then sad

12thmonkey Thu 18-Oct-12 11:17:34

vista is crap now two ways about it. Have you tried pressing escape when prompted for a password. On XP that defaults the machine to a guest log in.

Then i would buy either a Win7 or XP disc off ebay and re-install windows from boot screen. super easy and there are many videos on youtube that will talke you through it.

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