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Which wireless router do I need

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rainbowriver Thu 04-Oct-12 13:57:23

Following on from earlier post, I currently have virgin broadband through the phone line and want to change to wireless.

Virgin can supply me with a netgear router for £50.

Do I need this one, if not is there a better one?

Also would I need to set up a router if it's not from Virgin and would this be too complicated?

Would appreciate any response as I'm not at all 'techy'

Thank you


12thmonkey Thu 04-Oct-12 14:16:13

I have the same setup and to be fair i would go with what they are offering. They are very common routers and are of pretty good quality. The whole set up will cost at least £50 to buy the router and then time to set it up. So for the £50 fee its probably worth it.

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