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iPhone wiping its self. Wtf. Help?

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FrustratedSycamorePants Tue 02-Oct-12 16:06:59

Just had 2 iPhones and a iPad (linked iTunes account) all wipe themselves.
Why the f* would it do that?

1st text messages were randomly sent between phones (not set to share messages)
Then everything wiped, one after the other.

Does anyone know why or how this could have happened?

12thmonkey Thu 04-Oct-12 14:44:03

sounds strange more info needed,are they all registered to the same apple ID, and are they jail broken. ?

FrustratedSycamorePants Thu 04-Oct-12 15:54:59

Hi 12thmonkey same apple id. Not jail broken.
Only share the calendar on the cloud. id usually needed for each download, so not automatically shared downloads.

12thmonkey Thu 04-Oct-12 22:57:02

Have never seen this happen. A message going between them likely as you have the same apple I'd. I would check the setting to make sure you do not have auto updates turned on and take them to an apple store. They will recommend a reset its always a good start.

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