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Am luddite! Dd's an old lady please!

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ThursdayWillBeTheDay Mon 24-Sep-12 14:12:36

Ipod touch? What does it do exactly?

Budget around ipod touchy price (small GB one though)

What is it she wants exactly?

She is having a laptop prob for Christmas.

WildSue Mon 24-Sep-12 15:23:20

The iPod touch basically does everything that an iPhone does, except that it isn't a phone. If you have WiFi at home, she will be able to use it to download music, films, games, do e-mails, Facebook and other social media. Depending on her age, you may or may not be concerned on her being able to access inappropriate material form the Internet. Here's a link to a review page.

Must fly, the school run beckons. grin

NetworkGuy Tue 25-Sep-12 08:18:00

iPod 'classic' is probably better value and while it may not be quite so versatile it would be fine for music (esp as a laptop would allow her use of the internet and YouTube etc).

APMF Wed 26-Sep-12 19:44:56

NetworkGuy - I doubt that the DC has enough media to fill one tenth of the Classic's capacity :-)

The new iTouch should drive down the price of current model once that is released in a few weeks time.

NetworkGuy Thu 27-Sep-12 01:06:58

Re media - no knowledge of age of DD, and with younger people swapping music and video it could grow pretty fast, though I understand smallest 'classic' is 80 GB now, and more costly starting level than used to be the case.

A laptop as well in a few weeks meant it looked a little OTT to choose the iPod Touch (IMO), unless those are the things her peers have. Forgive me for my making a judgement call and getting it wrong.

Startailoforangeandgold Thu 27-Sep-12 01:31:16

Wonderful gadgets I'm on one now.
Books, music, games and web browsing.
Lovey clear responsive screens.

But you do have to interact with iTunes and big brother Apple. Both of whom I could do without.

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