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Anyone used FOBOCO to make a photobook? PLEASE help me...

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Ja9 Tue 17-Apr-12 21:42:44

I have LOVED their offline program. But am having a mare of a time trying to upload my photos...can't see how to. And the lovely company took my money happily a month ago and never thought to tell me that there was a problem with my book until i went asking. Grrr. But the book looks so pretty and i really want it so someone please tell me how to 'complete project'...TIA

Diana12 Sat 21-Apr-12 18:33:31

Hello.... Yes i've used Foboco ! And have done a few time now. After you've ordered it takes you to a page where it says upload files. And you should see the upload happening. But on my wedding book I also didn't see about the upload of photos. But I spoke to them and they said, just open the Foboco Maker, and it will pop up saying you have an incomplete order, it was something like that anyway. But I do remember, when I next opened the Foboco Maker it told me that I hadn't sent the files. So I just clicked on the button asking about uploading the files, and that was it. Thankfully for me, I open the Maker the very next day. But I would have to rank this company quite high actually, because their quality is the best i've ever ordered. Try mailing them if you still have a problem, I found the customer service was very good. I even got many reply's after 6pm, which was a surprise for many companies these days.

KT70 Tue 05-Feb-13 20:39:05

I wouldn't recommend using Foboco. I bought a voucher for a photobook through Timeout, spent ages making up a photobook after downloading all their software and then found the voucher was 'not valid'. I contacted Foboco numerous times and heard nothing. I then contacted Timeout and was told they had terminated their contract - Foboco had not made any effort to refund any money or contact customers to let them know.

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