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I've just put a micro sim in my ipad - will it be using wifi or 3g as don't want to use up my 3g allowance at home!

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foreverchangingname Sun 23-Oct-11 19:25:27

How can I check which it's using and what do i need to do [dumb ipad owner emoticon]

Himalaya Sun 23-Oct-11 19:29:16

Not sure, we only have wifi - but maybe it'd like the iPhone - click on settings icon (grey one with a cog on it) and turn the 3G off?

MindtheGappp Mon 24-Oct-11 19:26:02

What icon is showing in the top left corner - the fan-shaped wifi one, or 3g?

You can also look at the settings menu and see if you are automatically connected to Wifi. If you drop your Wifi connection, 3g will kick in.

How much allowance do you have for 3g? I have 10MB, and even when I spend days and days connected to it, I don't even use 1MB.

BadgersPaws Mon 24-Oct-11 19:33:01

"What icon is showing in the top left corner - the fan-shaped wifi one, or 3g?"

I think you'll see both icons when you're on a WIFI network and 3G is available. However the iOS device should use that WIFI connection in preference to 3G when both are available.

So make sure that you can see that fan shaped/ripple WIFI icon but don't worry if you can also see the 3G one.

MindtheGappp Mon 24-Oct-11 20:03:54

I only ever see one icon or the other - never both.

RustyBear Mon 24-Oct-11 23:00:35

I am currently on wifi and only see the fan shaped symbol, not the 3G. If you want to you can turn off the cellular data in Settings- Cellular data

foreverchangingname Tue 25-Oct-11 12:08:13

I've only got 1MB on pay as you go but think it will be enough as I do mainly use it at home. We'll see!

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