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I need to buy 3 netbooks/laptops or similar, what should I go for?

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anonandlikeit Sat 22-Oct-11 19:04:39

They are for
ds1, secondary school age, very able so need something that will be good for homework, emailing, internet etc.
ds2, younger & disalbed but will need to be able to load some more specific software to help with school stuff.
my mum - a complete computer novice but wants to be able to email & skype family abroad & she has discovered the joys of facebook!

Is there one good buy that will meet all the above needs? Are there any good deals about at the moment? I need to try to keep the price down as mucha s possible. my brother/sister are chipping in for my mums present.

Any advice would be most welcome.

nannynick Sat 22-Oct-11 19:40:30

I would avoid netbooks given that you want to install specific software.
Find out what the requirements of the specific software are, as a new laptop may well come with Windows 7 which may not run older software.

My mum brought a pink dell laptop and finds that perfectly usable for her needs - Facebook, Email, Skype, viewing photos, that sort of thing.

I currently have a Dell after my Acer had a drive failure. Only reason I have a Dell is that it was what Tesco had early in the morning when I visited them and was in my price range.

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