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mp4 for 10 year old - any non-apple recommendations?!

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Ds1 is 10 in December and is starting to get into music, taking and playing videos etc. thankfully he's not quite into branded stuff yet 'cos I just can't afford an ipod touch, but that's the kind of thing he wants.

so, any recommendations for something that's touch screen (deal breaker according to ds1...), plays music and videos, is a camera and camcorder and preferably a radio as well.

this will be his first bit of 'kit' (takes a moment...). any pointers gratefully received!

LunarRose Sun 16-Oct-11 18:47:15

I have one of these for my DD. It's super, esp on long car and train journeys. DP has one too we liked hers so much!

LunarRose Sun 16-Oct-11 18:47:24

Brilliant - I saw that one on Amazon so was hoping someone would say it was good! It's just the kind of thing I'm hoping will postpone the inevitable request for something/anything starting with an i- in the near future..!

LEMONAIDE Sat 22-Oct-11 20:18:24

My son had a sony walkman that he really liked - it had brilliant reviews on Amazon and we actually managed to get it for a decent price from the Argos discount seller on ebay.

Hubby had a Samsung one and the sound on it was WAY better than my i-pod!

NetworkGuy Mon 24-Oct-11 05:08:56

Looks good. I bought a non-touch screen Archos player the other day at 24 pounds in Asda Living. Hadn't even considered them having touch-screen models !! The one on Amazon does look rather good.

Just found a HowTo about getting YouTube video clips onto the unit > here <

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