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RIP Craptop <sobs>

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PaschaTheSlasher Sat 15-Oct-11 12:53:18

it's finally about to die. The screen is dark, barely readable, held in place with insulation tape. The plastic casing is cracked in several places and it runs at snail speed - half an hour boot-up time.

But it's an old and dear friend - had more than one reprieve as things broke off, came to the rescue when the new one mum bought us was killed with tea last November (still haven't admitted that to her, she asks regularly if the computer is going strong and I just nod and smile and change the subject [ blush])

I suppose I will have to look at a new one for Christmas, and make do with the phone for Internet access til then.

Oh dear I do sound pathetic


PaschaTheSlasher Sat 15-Oct-11 12:54:04

Bugger. blush

Paschaelina Sun 16-Oct-11 11:57:34

It lives! Hurrah! DH managed to get the screen in the one position where all the connections work and it has been re-taped in position. I can no longer close it but I can use it grin

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