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Laptop doesn't want to start, help!

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LittleWhiteWereWolf Sun 09-Oct-11 13:50:04

I'm not great with computers, I admit up front.

Basically my laptop got infected by some nasties last year (around Feb) and I managed to purge what I could and installed a few different anti-virus softwares. Since then its worked intermittently--freezing a lot and taking me all over the place when I search for things using different search engines (google, bing etc). My techie friend had a go at it the last week, cleaning it out and reinstalling stuff and so on. Since then its worked much better although I intend to use it less for the intenet and more for its Word programmes and so on.

Today suddenly its refusing to start. I turn it on and it takes me through wanting to repair files and the like, but when I select that option it randomly shuts down at any given moment (during the repair, after, there's no pattern). If I try to start Windows normally it just goes round in circles and takes me back to the screen asking if I want to start Windows normally.

I know its pretty tough to diagnose and advise on something like this without seeing the offending machine, but does anyone have any ideas? Any advice greatly appreciated!

Naoko Mon 10-Oct-11 12:52:14

Doesn't sound good. If you have backups and a windows disc, I'd be tempted to just do a full reinstall, sounds like it's never been totally clean and although it's hard to say without looking at it if this problem is connected, it may well solve it all in one fell swoop.

If you can't do that or need data off it first - Will it start in safemode? If so, you could use that to get data off. If not - does it just go round and round or does it actually shut down? Try starting it with the battery taken out but hooked up to the mains to eliminate the possibility the battery is bust.

Does it beep at all?

bubbles4 Tue 11-Oct-11 06:26:42

What make and model is it ?

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