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changeforthebetter Sun 09-Oct-11 08:01:56

Hi, can anyone help. I have just uploaded some PDFs which I have to read for my course. The font is tiny. Is there anyway I can increase the size on my Kindle? TIA smile

MindtheGappp Sun 09-Oct-11 08:02:29

Have you tried the AAAAA button?

changeforthebetter Sun 09-Oct-11 08:06:10

Hmm, that does make the text bigger but then it doesn't fit the screen and I have to cursor across to the end of the page. I don't need it to be massive. The default text size for the novel I bought is fine.

HattiFattner Sun 09-Oct-11 08:12:48

two things to try:

1. Change the orientation of your screen from vertical to horizontal - so that your keyboard is on eg the left.

2. Use Calibre software (freebie) to convert your pdf to MOBI format.

SadGeek Mon 10-Oct-11 15:25:06

Second the recommendation for Calibre - although the quality of the result will depend on the original PDF.

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