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The New Kindle - Views?

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OllieinOrange Wed 05-Oct-11 12:05:58

I brought a Kindle for 100 pounds nearly 3 weeks ago - just before they anounced they were bring out new versions! I can still get a refund and order a new one but not sure what to do.

Are the new versions meant to be any good? Know only the new Kindle is available in the UK and not the Touch version - which I could get via

Am faffing! Any thoughts?

BadgersPaws Wed 05-Oct-11 12:37:19

My immediate reaction to the Kindle Fire is that it looses the things that sets a Kindle apart from an iPad (massive battery life and a brilliant easy to read screen), so it becomes just another tablet.

The new entry level Kindle does look very good and has done away with the keyboard which I doubt very much that many people used that much, screen space on the other hand is useful all the time.

However the pricing annoys me $79 in the US, £89 in the UK...

BadgersPaws Wed 05-Oct-11 12:43:27


The $79 Kindle in the US is subsidised by a scheme where you get adverts sent to your screen.

The £89 Kindle doesn't do this, it's equivalent to a $109 Kindle, which is a better price match.

Details here:

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