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download World of Goo to my iPhone 3GS via iTunes on PC. How to please?

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waitingfornaru Tue 04-Oct-11 14:43:11

I want to download World of Goo to my iPhone 3GS but it says big game needs to be done via iTunes on the PC.

I have an iTunes account as I've bought other games on the iPhone, but does anyone know how to get this game via the PC as I've not done in that way before, also a reliable link to the authentic site in whicj to do it?

Thanking you!!! :D

waitingfornaru Tue 04-Oct-11 14:49:31

Please help me with a step by step quick guide, my 4 year old daughter's addicted to this gameon my PC and wehave a long train journey coming up so would be ideal pastime for her!

BadgersPaws Tue 04-Oct-11 15:41:40

Do you have iTunes installed on your PC? I thought that you needed to use iTunes to set up your phone, but I might be wrong on that...

It not download iTunes from here:

In general you'd go into the store in iTunes, search for what you want and buy it.

In a bit more detail once iTunes is installed you should be able to click on "View in iTunes" on the following page to bring it up straight away:

Once you've bought it and let it download then the next time you sync your phone with the computer it should be transferred over.

That's about as much detail as I can give right now, if that's not enough (go on, give it a go) then I can be a bit more "step by step" when I get in front of machine with iTunes on it.

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