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Please get this bloody music of my iPhone!

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lostinwales Thu 29-Sep-11 12:40:10

DH has bought a load of shit music on iTunes and now when I sync my phone to the computer it gets loaded up with all of it. If I put my music on random I do NOT want Kevin Bloody Williams to come on in the car with the children (or even without them there). I have unchecked all the ones that I hate in iTunes and synced the phone again but they will not go away. Please, please help, I have got a new iPhone 4 and I'm not plugging it in until I know it won't be tainted in the same way!

lostinwales Thu 29-Sep-11 13:02:16

Going out now, please can someone help me, I am so desperate to use my new phone but if it has that hideous man on it I will throw it out of the window!

BadgersPaws Thu 29-Sep-11 13:35:40

By unchecking I presume that you mean you're just checking and unchecking things in the Library section of iTunes? That's not how things sync to an iOS device so it's no going to have any effect.

I'm presuming also that your iPhone is set to automatically manage its music. So when you add new music into iTunes it automatically appears on your iPhone? And this is the heart of your problem, if you now want to say "well I don't want everything on my iPhone" you have to do a little bit more work. By default iTunes will just make the music on your iPhone look like the music that you have in iTunes.

You have two choices.

Firstly you can put the iPhone into Manually managed music mode, instructions for this are are:

If you do this then if you want to put music onto your iPhone you will have to actually drag it from your Library and onto the iPhone when it's connected. And if you want to delete music from your iPhone you have to go into the iPhone under devices, view the music and delete it from there.

The other option is to leave the iPhone automatically syncing its music but to take a bit more control over exactly what you sync. Connect the iPhone and click on it under devices. Move to the Music options, make sure that "Sync Music" is selected and then choose "Selected playlists, albums and genres". You can then choose what you want to go over.

A handy way to do this would be to make a new Playlist called something like "Lostinwales' iPhone" in iTunes. Then copy into that all the music you do want on your iPhone. And then under that music options bit just select the new playlist that you've made.

This way when you add new music into iTunes just add it into that Playlist, and if you want something taken off of the iPhone just remove it from the Playlist. That should be really pretty easy to manage.

SoupDragon Thu 29-Sep-11 13:39:07

I agree with thE Manually Manage Music mode.

My iTunes library then has three separate playlists... One for my phone and one each of The DSs iPods.

lostinwales Thu 29-Sep-11 14:14:29

Thank you very very much that is brilliant advice. I will follow it exactly.

I'm more worried now that I should start a thread in feminism re my husbands taste in sexist Australian comedians.

lostinwales Thu 29-Sep-11 15:20:48

Just another thank you, I have my fabulous new phone all synced in and ready to go with a small selection of my favorite music in place. I think the mistake I had been making was not realising that after I had set my old phone to 'manual' I would have to take music off as well as put it on myself! Brilliant, I am so happy to have had it explained to me so I could make it work. I may even be civil to DH later!

BadgersPaws Thu 29-Sep-11 15:43:12

"I think the mistake I had been making was not realising that after I had set my old phone to 'manual' I would have to take music off as well as put it on myself!"

If you manually manage your music rather than doing the "Selected playlists, albums and genres" method then yes you have to delete the music from the iPod by hand.

However this can be very handy, it means you can delete music from your iTunes without having it deleted from your iPod. And if you begin to run out of disk space or have a massive iPod then that's really rather useful.

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