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Upgrading phone but which one shall I get?

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kid Sun 25-Sep-11 23:22:20

I know its probably been asked a million times before but I figured I can ask again as there might be newer phones available.

I've had a blackberry curve 8520 which was okay but I wasn't overly keen on it. I currently have an iPhone 3 so am considering upgrading to an iPhone 4 (not really interested in the 5 as I reckon it will be much more expensive)

I'm open to other suggestions too, but I do want to be able to access internet at a reasonable speed and also to send and receive emails.
There are so many phones to chose from I just can't decide!

niceguy2 Sun 25-Sep-11 23:37:55

Well first of all I'd say wait a couple of weeks. Apple will announce their new phone on Oct 4th. You can pretty much bet that the cost of iphone 4's will drop and there'll soon be a glut of iphone 4's on eBay.

Which iPhone 3 do you have? If you have a 3GS then there's not a huge difference between that & the v4. I did that upgrade and other than the screen, there's not much tempting. I'm expecting the same to be true of the iphone 5. I've even played with the next version of IOS and there's nothing really WOW about it. Maybe iMessage which is their version of BBM but you'd need a lot of friends with iphones before it comes in handy.

The other thing to look at would be an Android phone such as the HTC Desire S, HTC Sensation or Samsung Galaxy S2. They are all awesome phones.

I guess it depends a lot on how much you've invested in the Apple world. If you've bought a lot of music via iTunes, paid for applications and have hardware such as stereo docks/car players then its hard to move from Apple.

Hope that helps

kid Mon 26-Sep-11 00:33:24

Thanks for those suggestions. I don't have the 3GS so maybe the jump to 4 will be enough to keep me happy?
I looked briefly at the others you mentioned (the desire one) and that looks tempting or I was also considering the bb torch.

I have an iPod so my music is on that so I don't have a problem moving away from apple.
My phone can't be upgraded until next month anyway so I don't mind waiting until after the 5 is released. I just wanted to narrow my choices down as i'll probably start a new 2 year contract.

schilke Mon 26-Sep-11 12:17:05

I have just got an HTC Desire S and I love it. Previously had a very old mobile, so this is my first taste of a decent phone.

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