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Best way to set up an online poll for menu choices?

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ViolaTricolor Tue 20-Sep-11 15:38:06

I'm looking for some geeky expertise here. I use Doodle all the time to schedule meetings, so I'm looking for something similar which will let people select options for a three course meal. Doodle has a 'Make a choice' setting which you can use for people to pick things rather than times, but ideally I'd want the starter, main course and dessert to each be in a separate section with only one choice possible from each. I think that a poll for each course is rathe excessive. Any suggestions?

Metal Tue 20-Sep-11 20:26:25

Survey Monkey is quite a popular website that will let you do this, but it's a bit more work than Doodle.

Here is a very basic example of a menu choice.

To know which person has picked which option you'll need to click "Collect Responses" after creating the survey and add either a list of emails to invite (it can take around an hour for the email to actually go out); a facebook invitation; or your own unique IDs.

If you decide to use this, I can give more help if you need it.

ViolaTricolor Wed 21-Sep-11 12:14:23

Thanks so much, I have just tried doing it there and it's perfect. I had answered surveys on Survey Monkey before, but never thought of using it now (in fact I didn't know there was a free account option). I'm going to play a bit more. Brilliant grin.

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