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Best/Cheapest Xbox

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MrsS01 Wed 14-Sep-11 20:55:52

I'm thinking of getting an Xbox for Xmas for my 9 year old, then eventually a Kinect. There seem to be a lot of different types out there with different GB, elite etc. Which is the best to get? Is it worth getting a preowned one? Anyone know the cheapest place to get one from?

niceguy2 Thu 15-Sep-11 11:26:55

Given his age, I'd suggest getting the XBox Slim 4GB version. This is the latest model, its quieter. The older ones tended to overheat and die. The newer ones seem to run cooler and are smaller.

They also don't need another power socket to power the Kinect unlike the older models.

The rest of the range pretty much have bigger hard drives in them which is useful for when he's going on Xbox live, downloading stuff and storing content. But at 9, i doubt he'll be doing this.

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