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Ok getting a contract mobile phone

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schilke Wed 14-Sep-11 12:38:16

Decided to get new phone. Have only ever had PAYG, but am using it a bit more and texting so decided to go for new phone.

Is the HTC Desire S good? good deal?

I don't want to be tied in for ages. I am not used to looking for mobile phone deals and am getting in a right muddle! Is it easy to take my current orange number with me?

exexpat Wed 14-Sep-11 12:47:30

DS got that model for his birthday - cost £150 on a £15/month contract with Orange (100mins, unlimited texts, I think 250 data). So similar total to the contract you linked to which seems to be free phone up front and £10 more a month than I'm paying for DS, ie £180 over the 18 months.

I expect if you do some shopping around you'll be able to find similar or cheaper deals - it really depends what balance of calls/texts etc you want. Unlimited texts was my priority for DS (he's 13 and sent nearly 3,000 texts last month shock) but you may talk more and text less than a teenager. The phone itself seems pretty good so far and gets good reviews, apart from the usual issue of battery life if you have a lot of apps running.

schilke Wed 14-Sep-11 12:48:35

Also, looking at samsung galaxy s, but the deal I saw was for 24 months at £10 month (after cashback). Help me choose.

Plus what does 500mb data plus unlimited internet mean? Is it unlimited or not?

exexpat Wed 14-Sep-11 12:51:32

Oh, and yes, it's usually easy to keep your number. Easiest obviously if you stick with orange, but even if you are switching to another provider it should only take a day or so.

And if you find a good deal with a different provider, it's worth calling orange and seeing if they will beat the deal - if you call up to switch your number to another company, they always ask you what deal you are moving for, and they sometimes make counter-offers.

Are you shopping around just online or in actual shops? I know a lot of people complain about them, but my local branch of carphone warehouse has actually been pretty helpful when I've gone in to comparison shop (they act for lots of different phone companies) so I've used them a couple of times. You just need to pick a quiet time to go in - not lunchbreaks or weekends.

schilke Wed 14-Sep-11 12:58:21

Thanks exexpat for that info. My ds1, also 13, would be very jealous of your 13 year old! He gets dh's old phones at the moment!

I have been looking online. I feel a bit intimidated when I go into mobile phone shops.

exexpat Wed 14-Sep-11 13:40:32

DS has a much nicer phone than I do! But then he uses it way more than I do, and I only replace mine when it stops working, so no useable second-hand ones knocking around the house here. And a new phone was the only thing he wanted for his birthday...

Some shops can be a bit intimidating - and hard sell - but if you have done a bit of research online first, they can't bamboozle you into anything as easily, and they can do all the fiddly/boring bits like getting the code to swap numbers etc.

niceguy2 Wed 14-Sep-11 14:19:49

Your deal is very good given its an 18 month contract. The phone is also very good. One of the best price/performance phones out there I reckon.

The only thing I suggest is setting up a reminder to remind you to claim the cashback.

Oh and go via Quidco to get an extra £30 back too.

Have fun with your new phone.

schilke Wed 14-Sep-11 14:26:45

I have been faffing about all day. Do I go for 18 months contract for HTC desire s at £16.32 month (after redemption) or for the samsung galaxy s at £10.08 month for 24 months(after £80 quidco cashback)?

I am not sure about 24 month contract - seems a long time!

schilke Wed 14-Sep-11 14:28:53

Just realised what you said about £30 through quidco. That brings it down to £263 for 18 months 300 mins a month.

Samsung is £241.92 for 24 months with only 100 mins a month.

Think I've persuaded myself to go for htc desire s. Dh has htc hero - I'm not keen on that. Is the desire s better?

niceguy2 Wed 14-Sep-11 16:48:06

Technically there's little in it. Personally i think the Desire S looks nicer and their Sense UI is prettier than Samsung's Touchwiz.

Once you throw in the price, I'd say stick to the Desire S with an 18 month contract. 24 months is simply too long. I've had women who didn't last that long as that! wink

schilke Wed 14-Sep-11 17:53:19

I have already gone with desire s, so glad you said that!

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