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google 'security' - it's switched itself off, how can I switch it back on?

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koalalou Tue 13-Sep-11 00:32:02

I set up my laptop a while ago so that if the kids surfed the internet they wouldn't be able to find anything dodgy. I also stopped any 'pop ups'.

While on here tonight I have received one dodgy popup and - looking at the google page (it was set up with a password and a distinctive circle pattern so that you could tell the security was switched on) it's back to coming up with all the not-so-nice stuff if you search for it.

I don't know how it got switched off - don't think I could remember the password myself, and not sure who would have switched it off. I have a feeling it's gone and 'reset' itself. Can this happen?

BadgersPaws Tue 13-Sep-11 09:55:59

When you refer to a "Google Page" do you mean that you're using the Google Chrome Browser or do you mean the Google Search Settings that you get at through some other browser (e.g. Firefox or Internet Explorer)?

koalalou Tue 13-Sep-11 23:16:46

Hi, I honestly can't remember what it was I did when I set up internet security. I think it may have been Google Chrome Browser as I seem to recall it had something to do with Google but it was set up with a password which should have meant it could not be switched off - but it was! I basically followed instructions that I found here on Mumsnet...

I have now set up K9 - again a recommendation I found on here - as I did not want to risk leaving my computer 'unprotected'. So far so good, at least it got rid of the 'nasty' sites.

koalalou Tue 13-Sep-11 23:19:31

PS eventually remembered I found the original info on 'Child Internet Safety' here on Mumsnet so went over there and had a look - which is where I found the ref to k9.

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