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digital photo and films - storage & futureproofing

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Fiolondon Fri 09-Sep-11 13:02:49


I'm loving this geeky stuff section so here is question no.2....

We've had 2 or 3 different digital cameras over the last 10 years and I recently collated all the photos off different disks and parts of an old pc, onto a new pc. Our massive collection is now in one place and it's possible to back it up using Norton software.

However I'd like to be able to sync the photos for backup on some other hard drive so they are more easily accessed in case we move away from Norton in future. I bought a buffalo drive a while back but I'm not keen as it seems to need constant power and I've struggled to map the drive and keep it mapped. Is there a better back up option?

The cameras also made various types of movie files, all with different formats and now that the disks have gone they are not all readable. I have fiddled about and managed to get them to play but I seem to be struggling with .mov files. Is there a reliable/safe place for downloading drivers? Also what do I need to think about doing to futureproof the collection so that when we switch pc at some point I can still play the films?


roarers Fri 09-Sep-11 18:43:57

There are plenty of USB powered hard drives available. A few brands: Western Digital, Seagate, La Cie. But frankly, anything that's on offer at your local PC World, or online from your favourite electronics retailer, will probably be fine.

.mov files are QuickTime files. It's a free download from, I think.

VLC is a free video player. What it lacks in interface slickness it more than makes up in its ability to play a very large number of formats. Available for Mac or Windows, it also has the 'useful' ability to play any DVD, regardless of what region the DVD drive on your computer is set to.

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