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Syncing issues.

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DTI10 Fri 09-Sep-11 12:26:13

Please can someone help?

I have an iPhone4. My DH has an iPhone 4 and an iPad2.

Whenever we sync our phones or the iPad to iTunes (via the main PC) we both receive each other’s contacts, notes, calendar entries, purchased music, photos and Apps, everything really.

Does anyone know how prevent this please? We log into itunes separately with our respective email addresses and passwords.

Thanks again.

BadgersPaws Fri 09-Sep-11 12:46:05

I'm presuming that your both using the same account on the computer? That is to say that you both log in the same way and the computer looks the same for the pair of you.

Presuming that is true then what you need to remember is that iTunes is what is syncing your iPod to your Computer. And that because your account is the same then iTunes will be the same.

It doesn't matter what account iTunes then uses to log on to the iTunes store with (your Apple ID and password), the key part is that you are using the same iTunes and think of iTunes as being the heart of it all.

So this is working exactly as it should.

And you've got a few choices.

With your iOS devices connected you can move through the various tabs for it and set up different syncing options, and that might help you out depending on how you organise things.

Or you take a big painful step and set yourselves up with different accounts, that will make iTunes different for each of you, so you'll stop syncing shared data.

Or you could set up different iTunes libraries and when you open iTunes you'd have to select which one depending on who you are. Instructions for this are here:

If you do that I suspect you'll have to make sure that the right iTunes is open before you connect your iOS gadget, I don't know will be able to determine which one it should open if it opens itself automatically when an iOS device is connected.

BadgersPaws Fri 09-Sep-11 13:05:59

Thinking some more I don't think that having separate iTunes Libraries will stop contacts and calendar entries moving between all the devices, it certainly won't on a Mac but I'm not too sure about a PC.

The reason for this is that the user account will have one address book and one diary and iTunes will use this for those details. So even if you use a different iTunes Library it will still use the same address book or diary and then contacts and events will end up intermingling.

DTI10 Fri 09-Sep-11 21:20:24

Thank you very much BadgersPaws, appreciate your help.

We will just have to hide apps and endure our different music tastes!

RustyBear Fri 09-Sep-11 21:35:28

I sync my iPad and iPhone on the same computer and I have different apps, music , videos and photos on each. You need to make sure your devices are not set to sync automatically and then go through each tab and set the things you want to sync - for the music you can put different playlists on each, for the photos different folders, or events on a mac, etc. Once you've done this, iTunes will remember which stuff goes on which device.

I'm not sure about the contacts notes & calendar though as I want those the same on both iPad and iPhone , so I've never tried to have different items on different devices

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