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Which freeview+ recorder would you recommend?

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Chaosrains Thu 08-Sep-11 20:29:27

can anyone tell me what to buy? I just want to be able to record TV again (sob). I did get a TOshiba freeview recorder but am having to take it back as I can't get it to get past the initializing stage.

I can't believe i have got to the age where i can't get technology to work.....

NetworkGuy Thu 08-Sep-11 22:44:16

Have you swapped from a standard Freeview box to the Toshiba ?

What TV region are you in / has your region already 'switched' to Digital ?

Have myself just installed a Freeview+ box with no major problems (DVD control messes with new box slightly) so wonder what problems you had ?

Chaosrains Fri 09-Sep-11 18:11:13

No, our ancient freeview box couldn't cope after switch over so we got a sony freeview telly. But of course hbby wants to record the tour of spain, the video has been stuffed by small child anyway, so i decided to sort out a PVR too.

The problem is that it just doesn't get started. When it's turned on it says 'starting' and after a few minutes is meant to move onto a set up screen but never does.

We're in east anglia. I suspect it might not like our dodgy aerial lead (home crafted as it connects from sateliet type connection on our aerial booster to a normal TV connection) but on the otherhand the TV and old digibox work fine with it (and the TV still gets reception when routed via the PVR).

It's a mystery!

NetworkGuy Fri 09-Sep-11 18:30:08

Oh, I see. I had been thinking it was not getting a signal but on the basis you've moved the aerial from the TV to the PVR for it to get signals, then it sounds more serious, as if the hard drive might be faulty or the system is just corrupt and won't run anyway.... very peculiar...

Chaosrains Fri 09-Sep-11 18:31:40

Even more strange - toshiba swapped it after i rang their help line and the second one does the same thing. Hence it is just going back and i'm starting again.....

NetworkGuy Fri 09-Sep-11 18:37:42

Oh dear.... third time lucky ?

Wonder if the aerial booster / wiring is confusing the Toshiba. Would be tempted to suggest borrowing a relative / neighbour's box to see if it works with your aerial (it would already have correct channels so should show TV channels without any need to scan for signals). Is a half day loan at all possible?

Chaosrains Fri 09-Sep-11 19:26:07

Good idea. Will ask around.

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