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I have a SKYPE account but it isn't downloaded on my laptop; how do I do that?

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KatyMac Fri 02-Sep-11 19:37:45

I have a SKYPE account from years ago which I can log into

But Skype isn't on my computer

Can I remedy this?

orienteerer Fri 02-Sep-11 19:39:30

Just go to the Skype website and download the appropriate free software.

usualsuspect Fri 02-Sep-11 19:40:17

skype download

KatyMac Fri 02-Sep-11 19:41:43

It keeps not letting me as I am an existing user


Never mind I'll try something else

orienteerer Fri 02-Sep-11 19:50:03

Can you not open a new account using a different name/email address etc?

KatyMac Fri 02-Sep-11 19:52:15

Only have 1 public email

But I think I have it sorted now

Thanks everyone

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