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sim dongle phone question

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holidaysoon Wed 31-Aug-11 11:54:59

I'm hoping someone knows the answer to this, I'm a complete technophobe so i will keep it simple.

I used to access the internet via my laptop using a dongle, dongle broke so I needed another one.
I am now trying to sell the SIM since it is new unused never even popped out ogf the credit card carrier thingy and has £15 worth of credit.

I have been asked whether you can put the SIM into a phone and use it to access the internet?!!!
I havn't a clue, my phone cost £10 from Sainsburys and certainly can't be used to access the internet1

Please does anyone know the answer...
what happens if the user makes a phone call? anything else I should know?

thanks very much in advance we need the money and it is a shame to see it go to waste.

niceguy2 Wed 31-Aug-11 13:14:16

It's hard to know for certain without knowing what terms you bought the dongle under.

But usually what happens is that the SIM card will have data allowance but no calls.

So yes they can use it to access the Internet (providing they put the right settings on their phone) but they won't be able to make any calls unless they put credit on it.

holidaysoon Thu 01-Sep-11 01:39:57

Thanks niceguy grin
Is there an easy way to find out what the terms on the dongle are/
I just went into the vodafone shop and asked for one!

niceguy2 Thu 01-Sep-11 09:56:32

Actually I just realised something. What I think will happen when you go to top up the credit, the system will see it as an Internet SIM so only apply data credit. So I don't think calling will be possible.

Happy to stand corrected though.

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